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Your voltage regulator protects your batteries from over charging and also provides system monitoring, current flow monitoring and battery voltage readings. Choose from the quality charge controllers below and give us a call.  760-791-5011

  Manufacturer      Model                  Amp      Volt    Features                       Price
Outback FM-80  8012,24,48MPPT meter$659
Outback FM-60 6012,24,48MPPT meter$599
Outback Materemote system display$249
Blue Sky SB-50 50 12/24/48MPPT, PWM
Blue SkySB 3000i 3012vMPPT, PWM meter$289
Blue SkySB3024I 40/30 12/24MPPT,PWM $380
Blue SkySB2512i 2512/24MPPT, PWM$199
Blue Sky  SC 30 30 12PWM$139
Blue Sky SBIPNREMBasic Remote for IPM  $99
Blue Sky IPMPRO-Samp/hr, log meters$229
Blue SkySB-50 remoteDigital display$216
RenogyCTRL-MPPT40 4012/24MPPT,PWM$229
RenogyCTRL-MPPT20 2012MPPT,PWM$149
Renogy  MT-5Remote meter   $39
Renogy 30 amp PWM  30 12 PWM no display  $49
Coleman30 amp display 30 12PWM display$91.99
Coleman 30 amp   30 12PWM no display$74.99
Coleman 7 AMP 7 12 no display$29.99